Transform into Sleeping Beauty with Briar Rose Cosplay Dress

Briar Rose Cosplay Dress
Briar Rose Cosplay Dress
Briar Rose Cosplay Dress

Items You’ll Need:

  1. Beige Long Sleeve shirtSee on Amazon
  2. Brown Cargo SkirtSee on Amazon
  3. Underbust Corset BeltSee on Amazon
  4. Purple SnoodSee on Amazon
  5. Briar Rose WigSee on Amazon
  6. Black HeadbandSee on Amazon
  7. Ariat SlippersSee on Amazon
  8. Flower BasketSee on Amazon

Get the Look of a Disney Princess with a Briar Rose Cosplay Dress

The Briar Rose Cosplay Dress is an iconic costume that has become an increasingly popular choice for Halloween. The dress is based on the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty and is a classic and timeless look that is perfect for any cosplay. If you’re looking for the perfect cosplay dress, the Briar Rose Costume is the way to go whether you’re a Sleeping Beauty fan. For those who want to complete the look with their partner, consider our Prince Phillip Cosplay costume. Or, if you prefer the royal side of Aurora, explore our Princess Aurora Cosplay outfit.

Dressing guide Briar Rose Costume

In this guide, you will learn the basics of how to put together a Briar Rose cosplay dress. With these steps, you can easily create an incredible look that will draw attention.

Tan long-sleeve shirt:

Put on the long-sleeve tan shirt. This is an important part of the costume as it will serve as the base layer for the rest of your outfit. This will help create the foundation for your Briar Rose cosplay dress.

Brown Cargo Skirt

Put on a brown skirt. This should be a knee-length skirt that is comfortable and fits you well. It should be made from a durable material that is easy to move.

Black Underbust Corset Belt:

Accessorize the outfit with the Black Underbust Corset Belt. Tie the black corset around your waist to create a cinched waist look.

Purple Snood:

Add the purple scarf. Drape the scarf around your shoulders and tie it in a bow in the front. This will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Briar Rose Wig:

Put on the Briar Rose wig. Make sure to style the wig in an appealing way that suits the character.

Black Headband:

Put on the black headband. This will help keep the wig in place and add a nice finishing touch to the outfit.

Ariat Slippers:

Put on the briar rose slippers. The slippers will add a finishing touch to the Briar Rose look and should be comfortable and regal.

Flower Basket:

Finally, accessorize the dress with the Flower Basket. Fill the basket with artificial or real flowers, depending on your preference.

For the Briar Rose cosplay dress, we would recommend items starting with a tan long-sleeve shirt. Then, pair this with a brown skirt that is knee-length and comfortable. After that, accessorize with a black underbust corset belt and a purple scarf size to add a touch of sophistication, add a Briar Rose wig, a black headband, and shoes. Finally, accessorize with a flower basket filled with either artificial or real. With these pieces, you’ll be sure to have a beautiful Briar Rose costume.

About Briar Rose

The Briar Rose is the main character in the classic Disney Sleeping Beauty. She is a kind, gentle, and beautiful princess Aurora is cursed by an evil witch to die on her sixteenth birthday. Despite this challenging situation, Briar Rose remains optimistic and brave, never giving up hope that she will be able to break the curse. She is very trusting and naive, often taking people’s word and not considering the consequences of her actions.

Briar Rose is passionate and romantic and always looks for true love. She is compassionate and generous, always willing to help those in need. Despite her naivety, Briar Rose is knowledgeable and resourceful. She can overcome the various obstacles that stand in her way and ultimately break the curse.

Ultimately, Briar Rose is a strong, independent woman willing to fight for what she believes in. She is an inspirational figure showing that true love and courage can conquer any obstacle, no matter the circumstances.

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