Lucy Wilde Despicable Me Costume

Lucy Wilde

Items You’ll Need:

  1. Lucy Wilde Coat See on Amazon
  2. Lucy Wilde Wig See on Amazon
  3. Lucy Wilde Scarf See on Amazon
  4. Lucy Wilde Dress See on Amazon
  5. Personalised Card Holder See on Amazon
  6. Ankle Strap Heels See on Amazon
  7. Retro Shades See on Amazon

Lucy Wilde Despicable Me Costume

Lucy Wilde belonged to the anti-villain group and was a rookie agent after meeting Felonius Gru. Lucy loves the blue and teal colors that she shows on a shirt. She wears a sexy blue dress with a long black coat on top. She has a blue and red scarf on her neck with blue shades on her forehead. Is it possible to look like Agent Lucy Wilde?

When you’re wearing your Lucy Wilde Despicable Me Costume, you’ll feel as spunky and adventurous as Lucy herself. You’ll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way, no matter how daunting it may seem. So, why not show the world your wild side and get the Lucy Wilde Despicable Me Costume today?

Lucy Wilde Costume Ideas

In this guide, you’ll find all the need-to-know information when purchasing the Lucy Wilde Despicable Me Costume. You’ll learn about sizing, materials used, and where to buy the costume. So, let’s get started!

Lucy Wilde Dress

Start by wearing the tank dress. This blue-flared tank dress is perfect for creating the classic Anti-Villain League Agent look. The bright blue will really help you stand out and make a statement. The sleeveless dress should have a fitted top and flared bottom. The fabric should be comfortable and light enough to move around.

Lucy Wilde Coat

Next, layer on Lucy’s signature long teal coat. This long overcoat is the perfect finishing touch to your Lucy Wilde Despicable Me Costume. The coat should fall straight to below your knee. The long, blue coat is perfect for keeping you warm while you show off your wild side.

Lucy Despicable Me Scarf

Accessorize with a Lucy Wilde Scarf. Wrap the scarf around your neck and let the ends drape down your front. This will give you an extra layer of warmth and ensure your costume looks as authentic as possible.

Lucy Despicable Me Wig

To complete the look, wear the Lucy Wilde Wig. The Wig is an essential part of the costume. This Wig should be a bright orange color with bangs, a high ponytail, and a few strands of hair falling over the face. The bright orange hair will help you capture rookie agents’s spirit.

Retro Shades

Perch blue retro shades. These retro shades will really help you complete the look. The large frames will really help you look the part. You can wear the glasses if you want.

Ankle Strap Heels

Finish off the look with a pair of ankle-strap heels. These ankle strap heels will really help you stand out in the crowd. The classic black heels will add a touch of sophistication to your Lucy Wilde Despicable Me Costume.

Personalised Card Holder

Don’t forget the ID Card Holder. The ID Card Holder is the perfect accessory for any Lucy Wilde costume. The bright blue holder will really make you look the part.

With these steps, you’ll be ready to look just like Lucy Wilde from Despicable Me! Now all you need is a little bit of attitude to complete the look! Get ready to take on any adventure that comes your way. Have fun!

About the Lucy Wilde

Lucy Wilde is an animated character created by DreamWorks Animation and the main protagonist of the 2013 film, Despicable Me 2. She is an Anti-Villain League agent assigned to assist Gru in stopping the villain, El Macho.

Lucy is a tall, slender woman with long red hair and fair skin. She is a brave, intelligent, courageous individual who can think on her feet and take charge in a crisis. She has a strong sense of justice and is willing to put her life on the line to protect others.

Lucy is a highly trained agent and a skilled fighter, able to take on multiple opponents simultaneously. She is also an expert in using weapon, including a tranquilizer gun and a grappling hook. She is a master at disguise and infiltration and can blend in with her surroundings to go undetected.

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