Get Ready to Sparkle and Shine with Princess Isabel Costume

Princess Isabel Costume

Items You’ll Need:

  1. Princess Isabel Dress See on Amazon
  2. Long Wavy Wig See on Amazon
  3. White Opaque Tights See on Amazon
  4. Poetry Book Covers See on Amazon
  5. Hair Bow Template See on Amazon
  6. Isabel Heel Shoe See on Amazon

Create a Magical Look with Princess Isabel Cosplay

The Princess Isabel costume is great for young girls to dress up like their favorite Disney Princess. It is a great way to show your support for Elena’s journey to becoming a leader and to express your appreciation for Latin American culture.

Princess Isabel Costume are great for birthday parties, Halloween, or any other special occasion. They are also great for playtime, as your little one can use their imagination to create all sorts of adventures. So, dive into our Princess Isabel Costume guides and get ready to bring the magic of Avalor to life at your next event!”

Essential Items for a Magical Princess Isabel Costume

In this guide, we have provided you with all the items you need to make a Princess Isabel costume. Follow these steps to create the perfect costume for any event.

Princess Isabel Dress:

Begin by selecting a light blue dress for the dress of your Princess Elena of avalor. Look for a dress that is fitted at the top with a flared skirt. This style of dress is commonly referred to as a “fit and flare” style.

Long Wavy Wigs:

To complete the look, add a long, wavy wig. If you do not want to purchase a wig, you can also use a wig cap and style your hair in a wavy pattern.

White Opaque Tights:

Add a pair of white tights to the costume. It results in a more formal look, as well as provides warmth if the weather is cold.

Poetry Book Covers:

Gather a few items to complete the costume, such as poetry books, hair bows, and pumps with ankle straps. All of these items can be found at most craft stores.

Hair Bow Template Plastic:

Make a hair bow to wear in your hair. Use a template to make one or purchase one from a craft store. Make sure that it is in a coordinating color with your dress.

Princess Isabel Heel Shoe:

Place a pair of pumps with an ankle strap on your feet. The shoes should be a light color like white or beige and have a low heel.

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About Princess Isabel

Isabel Castillo Flores is the beloved Crown Princess of Avalor and the younger sister of Princess Elena. She is the daughter of the late King Raul and Queen Lucia and was made Crown Princess upon Elena’s ascension to the throne as Queen. She is the second in line for the throne and a major character in the Disney animated series, Elena of Avalor.

Isabel of Avalor is a bright and imaginative young girl who loves to express her creativity through art and invention. She looks up to her younger sister and cherishes their time together. Moreover, Isabel Princess of Avalor is highly principled, adhering strictly to any promise she has been given disappointed when others break their word.

Isabel Princess of Avalor is a kind heart. Though she can become short-tempered, she is always a great listener and someone you can rely on for help. She is passionate about learning and loves reading and exploring new things. When she’s not sketching, she can often be found working on a new invention.

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