Ygritte Costume: Bring the Wildling Looks to Party

Ygritte Costume

Items You’ll Need:

  1. Light Brown Wigs See on Amazon
  2. Ygritte Coat See on Amazon
  3. Ygritte Pants See on Amazon
  4. Ygritte Boots See on Amazon
  5. Bow and Arrow See on Amazon

Become a Fierce Fighter with the Iconic Ygritte Costume 

Iconic Ygritte costume! Inspired by the beloved Game of Thrones character will transport you to the frosty landscapes beyond the Wall, where you will embody the fierce, independent spirit of the free folk. With its fur-lined cape, leather vest, and rugged boots, this is a perfect costume for anyone who embraces their inner warrior and makes a bold statement. So grab your bow and arrows and prepare to conquer the Seven Kingdoms in style! Ygritte costume is perfect for any show fan and will turn heads at any costume party.

A Comprehensive Ygritte Costume Guide

This guide will provide tips and essential accessories to create an authentic Ygritte cosplay costume that will envy all Game of Thrones fans.

Light Brown Wig 

  1. Brush the wig to remove tangles. 
  2. Secure the wig on your head with an adjustable wig cap. 
  3. Use bobby pins to secure the wig in place if necessary.

Ygritte Coat

  1. Wear the Ygritte Wildling costume coat and button it up. 
  2. Ensure the coat covering your upper part is not too tight and does not restrict your movement. 
  3. Adjust the collar and cuffs for a comfortable fit.
  4. Pull the Ygritte Costume hood cap over your head.

Light Grey Cargo Pants

  1. Start pairing the pants and zipping them up. 
  2. Make sure the waistband is not too tight and the zipper is secure. 
  3. Adjust the drawstring or elastic waistband to fit your waist snugly.

Ygritte Boots 

  1. Put on the Ygritte Costume boots and lace them up to add a fierce look. 
  2. Make sure the laces are tight and secure. 
  3. Adjust the ankle straps if necessary.

Bow and Arrow: 

  1. Complete the look with a bow and arrow.
  2. Begin by carefully removing the bow and arrow from the quiver. Place the bow in the left hand and the arrow in the right. 
  3. Place the bow around your neck. 
  4. Adjust the strip around your chest for a fighter look.

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About Ygritte

Ygritte (Rose Leslie) is a character from the popular book and television series, Game of Thrones. She is a member of the wildlings, a group of people who live beyond the Wall, and is known for her fierce fighting skills and independent spirit.

Ygritte is first introduced in the show’s second season, where she meets and forms a romantic love relationship with Jon Snow, a member of the Night’s Watch. Ygritte is a skilled archer and fighter and teaches Jon many of her techniques while they are together.

One of Ygritte’s most memorable quotes is “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” which she repeats throughout the series. This phrase has become a popular catchphrase among fans of the show.

Ygritte’s character is also known for her fiery spirit and independent nature. She is not afraid to speak her mind and stands up for what she believes in, even if it means going against the norms of her society.

In addition to her character traits, Ygritte’s costume has also become iconic. Her outfit includes a fur-lined cape, leather vest, and rugged boots, all giving her fierce, fiery red hair and a wild appearance.

Ygritte’s character has become a fan favorite due to her bravery and strength, and her story arc has left a lasting impact on fans of the series. Her legacy lives on even after her death, and she inspires viewers to embrace their inner warrior and stand up for what they believe in.