Night King Costume

Night King Costume

Items You’ll Need:

  1. Night King Black Tunics See on Amazon
  2. Night Blue Morph Suit See on Amazon
  3. Night King Mask See on Amazon
  4. Dementor Hands See on Amazon
  5. Night King Black Boots See on Amazon

Night King Halloween Costume

The Night King Costume is one of the most iconic costumes worn by the Night King in the popular fantasy series Game of Thrones. Wearing the costume will allow you to become the most powerful and feared character in the Seven Kingdoms and will be sure to impress your friends. With the Night King costume, you can feel like the ultimate ruler of Westeros and have an unforgettable time at your next costume event.

It comes with a long, black tunic that has a hood attached to it. The Night King Halloween costume will make you the centre of attention at any Halloween celebration. Whether you’re looking for a costume that will draw attention or want to show your love for the show, it’s sure to be a hit.

Night King Costume Dressing Guide

The Night King costume is a great way to make a powerful and imposing statement this Halloween. You can create a look that will turn heads with the right accessories and makeup. By following this guide, you’ll be able to create a Night King costume that will make you look like the ruler of the undead.

Night King Black Tunic:

 1: Put on a plain white undershirt and black pants.

 2: Put on the Knight King Black Tunic.

 3: Secure the tunic with a belt at the waist.

 4: Tie the laces at the neck.

Night King Blue Morph Suit:

 1: Put on the Knight King Blue Morph Suit.

 3: Zip up the suit.

 4: Put on the hood and secure it with the velcro fastenings.

Night King Mask:

 1: Place the Night King Mask on your face.

 2: Secure the mask to your head with the elastic straps.

Dementor Hands:

 1: Put on the Dementor’s Hands.

 2: Secure the hands with the elastic straps at the wrists.

Night King Black Boots:

 1: Put on the Knight King Black Boots.

 2: Secure the boots with the laces.


Does the Night King know Jon Snow?

About Night King

The Night King is a powerful and feared character in the HBO television series, Game of Thrones. He is the leader of the White Walkers and a formidable enemy of the living.

The Night King is a mysterious figure whose origins are unknown. Some believe the Children of the Forest created him as part of their efforts to protect themselves from the First Men. Others believe he is Lord Commander of the White Walkers, who has been around for many centuries.

The Night King has been seen leading the White Walkers in their invasion of Westeros. He is an extremely powerful and formidable foe. He appears to be immune to fire and can raise the dead to serve him. He can also control the minds of humans and animals.

The Night King is a cold and calculating leader willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to accomplish his goals. He disdains the living and shows no mercy to those in his way. Finally, He was killed by Aryan Stack, the youngest daughter of Ned Stack.