Sansa Stark Halloween Costume: Transform into Glamour

Sansa Stark Costume

Items You’ll Need:

  1. Handkerchief Hem Tunic See on Amazon
  2. Velvet Cloak See on Amazon
  3. Maxi Cocktail Dress See on Amazon
  4. Sansa Wig See on Amazon
  5. Black Gauntlet See on Amazon
  6. Game of Thrones Stark Necklace See on Amazon
  7. Rooster Coque Feather Cape See on Amazon
  8. Medieval Belt Black See on Amazon
  9. Suede Calf Boots See on Amazon

Sansa Stark’s Hauntingly Beautiful Halloween Look

Sansa Stark Halloween Costume is the perfect way to bring to life the iconic character from the hit series, Game of Thrones! Not only will you look amazing, but you will also be honoring one of the most iconic and beloved characters from the hit TV show. A Sansa Stark Halloween Costume will make you feel powerful and ready to take on any challenge.

Sansa Stark Halloween Costume Guide

Want to dress up like the fierce and determined Sansa Stark for Halloween? You’re in the right place. Look no further! With this Sansa Stark Halloween Costume Dressing Guide, with options of the right accessories/items and using pics, you can make the desired Thrones costume and become the Lady of Winterfell in a short time! Check the options and thoughts for a fierce look.

Sansa Wig:

 1: Start by brushing the Sansa Stark costume wig and remove any tangles.

 2: Secure the wig to your head with a wig cap.

 3: Position the wig and adjust it for a comfortable fit.

 4: Use a styling product to create the desired look.

Game of Thrones Stark Necklace:

 1: Place the Sansa Stark cosplay item, necklace around your neck.

 2: Secure the necklace at the desired length with the lobster clasp.

 3: Ensure the clasp is secure and won’t come undone.

Rooster Coque Feather Cape:

 1: Put your arms through the arm openings of the Sansa Stark costume cape.

 2: Fasten the cape at the neck with the tie closure.

 3: Ensure the cape is fastened and won’t come undone.

Handkerchief Hem Tunic:

 1: Put your arms through the arm openings of the tunic.

 2: Fasten the tunic at the waist with the tie closure.

 3: Ensure the tunic is fastened and won’t come undone.

Maxi Cocktail Dress:

 1: Put your arms through the arm openings of the Sansa Stark Halloween Costume maxi cocktail dress.

 2: Fasten the dress at the waist with the zipper closure.

 3: Ensure the dress is fastened and won’t come undone.

Medieval Belt Black

1: Put on the belt by looping it around your waist and fastening the closure.

2: Tighten the belt until it fits comfortably.

3: Make sure the buckle is centered on the front of your waist.

Velvet Cloak:

 1: Put your arms through the arm openings of the cloak.

 2: Fasten the cloak at the neck with the tie closure.

 3: Ensure the Sansa stark costume cloak is fastened and won’t come undone.

Black Gauntlet:

 1: Put your hands through the arm openings of the Sansa Stark Halloween costume black gauntlet.

 2: Fasten the gauntlet at the wrist with the tie closure.

 3: Ensure the gauntlet is fastened and won’t come undone.

Suede Calf Boots:

 1: Finally, to get the complete characters and love of the game, put your feet into a pair of Sansa Stark Costume boots.

 2: Fasten the boots at the ankle with buckles or laces.

 3: Ensure the boots are fastened and won’t come undone.

By following the given items’ guidelines or taking help with pics you will sure to hit the party in Games of Thrones style.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas about Sansa Stark’s Halloween Costume in the comment section.

About Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark, a cat eyes, forceful lady, is the eldest daughter of Eddard Stark, the Lord of Winterfell (Guardian of North), and Catelyn Stark. She is a major character in the HBO series Game of Thrones, based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.

The “Game of Thrones” series revolves around the Iron Throne, which rules over the Seven Kingdoms.

In the series of Game of Thrones, Sansa and her bastard brother Jon Snow have proven to be intelligent, strong-willed, loyal, and resourceful characters, capable of making difficult and often morally ambiguous decisions to protect their family.

She’s a strict traditionalist and is highly devoted to her family, especially her sister Arya Stark.

In the web series despite her strong and determined personality, Sansa and her sister Arya has suffered a great deal of physical and psychological trauma, especially from Cerssi and Jime Lannister throughout their journey, making them sympathetic character.

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