Cousin Eddie Dickie Costume


Items You’ll Need:

  1. V-Neck White Sweater See on Amazon
  2. Cotton Twill Pants See on Amazon
  3. Rothco Mock Turtleneck Dickie See on Amazon
  4. Fur Trooper Hat See on Amazon
  5. Wedding Shoes for Men See on Amazon

Cousin Eddie Dickie outfit

The Cousin Eddie Dickie Costume is a classic look for Halloween that has been popular for many years. The costume is simple to make, and all you need are the items listed above. It’s also a great way to be creative and make your unique costume. The Cousin Eddie Dickie Costume is perfect for any Christmas-themed party or gathering and is sure to get a few laughs!

The Cousin Eddie Dickie Costume is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. It’s also super comfortable and easy to wear, so it’s great for a Christmas party or just lounging around the house.

Cousin Eddie Dickie Costume Guide

Why not add a little extra holiday cheer to your wardrobe with the Cousin Eddie Dickie Costume? It’s a great way to spread holiday cheer and show your family and friends that you’re ready to celebrate the season.

Rothco Mock Turtleneck Dickie:

Start with the basics of a Cousin Eddie costume: a mock turtleneck dickie. Choose a dark-colored one in a classic style, such as dark green. Make sure it fits snugly around the neck and is not too tight.

Cotton Twill Pants:

These should be a pair that fits snugly around the waist but has a bit of a looser fit around the legs. This will look like an authentic feel and will also make it easier to move around.

Wedding Shoes for Men:

These should be white leather dress shoes. This is a must for the Cousin Eddie look! Not only do they look great, but they are also comfortable and will last the entire night.

V-Neck White Sweater:

This should be a lightweight, comfortable sweater that is just long enough to cover the waist of the pants. It will give the outfit a polished, finished look and is also a great way to keep warm in the winter.

Fur Trooper Hat:

The hat should be a classic trooper style and should be light brown in color. This will give the outfit the perfect touch of authenticity and will complete the Cousin Eddie look.

In our assortment, the Cousin Eddie Dickie Costume is a top highlight. Additionally, we feature costumes closely mirroring the styles of Mr. Bill, Peter Griffin, and Mr. Clean for cosplay enthusiasts.

About Cousin Eddie dickie

Cousin Eddie Dickie is a beloved character from the classic National Lampoon’s Vacation film series. He is portrayed by Randy Quaid and is the cousin of Clark Griswold. He is an eccentric and lovable hillbilly who often visits the Griswold family, usually bringing chaos and mayhem with him.

Cousin Eddie Dickie is known for his outrageous behavior and lack of common sense. He often arrives unannounced, with a trailer full of dogs, guns, and beer. He can be loud, rude, and seemingly unaware of socially accepted norms. However, his eccentric and loving nature is often endearing, and he is willing to go to great lengths to help the Griswolds, no matter how crazy their requests may be.

Cousin Eddie’s most famous quote is “Merry Christmas, Shitter was full!”, which is said after Clark finds that Eddie has parked his trailer in Griswold’s driveway and left a large pile of human waste in their toilet. Although Cousin Eddie Dickie is seen as an annoyance to the Griswolds, he is ultimately an important part of the family and a beloved character.

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