Create a Magical Look with a Steven Universe Costume

Steven Universe Costume
Steven Universe Costume
Steven Universe Costume

Items You’ll Need:

  1. Steven Star Shirt See on Amazon
  2. Afro Hair Wig man See on Amazon
  3. Steven Universe Jeans See on Amazon
  4. Steven Universe Gem See on Amazon
  5. Red Havaianas See on Amazon

Put Together the Perfect Steven Universe Costume

If you’re a fan of the beloved Cartoon Network show Steven Universe, chances are you’ve considered dressing up in a Steven Universe costume for Halloween or a costume party. The show follows the adventures of Steven, a half-Gem boy voiced by Zach Collison, who lives in Beach City with a group of humanoid aliens called the Crystal Gems. Whether they’re die-hard Steven fans or just someone looking for an outfit to express their magical inner side, a Steven Universe Costume is perfect.

Complete Your Steven Universe Costume With These Items

In this guide, the Steven Universe costume is complete! With just a few pieces, you can easily create a stylish and comfortable look. A Steven costume is perfect for any show fan and will surely be a hit at any costume party.

Steven Universe Star Shirt:

Start by selecting a shirt that is representative of Steven’s iconic star logo. Find a comfortable, well-fitting T-shirt with the Steven logo on the front. This will be the foundation of your costume.

Afro Hair Wig:

To complete the look, add an afro hair wig. Choose a wig made of synthetic or human hair; this will be a great way to show off your inner Steven Universe.

Steven Universe Jeans:

To add a touch of casualness to the look, find a pair of Steven Universe jeans. Look for a pair with a light wash, tapered legs, and a slim fit. This will add a sparkle to the costumes.

Steven Universe Cosplay Gem:

Complete your costume with Steven Universe Cosplay Gem. This item is a replica of the gem that Steven wears on his shirt, and it will add the perfect finishing touch to your costume.

Red Havaianas:

To finish the look, slip on a pair of red Havaianas shoes. This will complete the relaxed and beachy look of the costume and will also be comfortable to wear.

For a more elegant look, you can also consider our beautiful Buck Dewey Cosplay, the iconic Stevonnie costume, and the striking Sardonyx Costume. Unleash your inner character today!

About the Steven Universe

Steven Universe is a fictional character from the animated television series of the same name. He is a young, half-human, half-Gem boy who lives with the Crystal Gems—Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl—in Beach City. He is also the son of Rose Quartz and Greg Universe.

Steven is an optimistic, bubbly, and kindhearted boy who loves to have fun. He is always eager to help and willing to lend a hand. He is brave and will do whatever it takes to protect those he loves. He is compassionate and understanding and often uses his empathy and understanding of others to help them in their time of need.

Steven Universe is also a budding musician and loves to play the ukulele, often using it to express himself and bring others joy. He is also an incredibly talented artist and loves to draw and paint. He is also a talented cook and often prepares meals for his friend. Sardonyx is lucky to have a friend like Steve who is willing to share his cooking talents. Steve can prepare a variety of dishes for Sardonyx, from simple snacks to more elaborate meals.

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