Make a Bold Statement with a Shy Guy Costume

Shy Guy Costume

Items You’ll Need:

  1. Gildan Hoodies Dryblend See on Amazon
  2. Mask Halloween See on Amazon
  3. Purple Fleece Joggers See on Amazon
  4. leather Gloves See on Amazon
  5. Purple Sneakers Men’s See on Amazon
  6. Tonywell Belt See on Amazon

Dress to Impress with Shy Guy Costume.

The Shy Guy costume has been around for years and is sure to turn heads and leave your friends in stitches. With the perfect blend of whimsy and charm, the Shy Guy costume is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a bit of fun and personality to their costume. Whether you’re looking for a sneaky disguise or just something to make you stand out from the crowd, the Shy Guy costume is sure to do the trick! Read on to learn more about this fun costume and how you can make it your own.

DIY Shy Guy Costume Guide.

When it comes to costumes, shy guys may feel left out or feel like they want to blend in. Well, not anymore! With a few style tips, you can craft the perfect Halloween costume to make you stand out. Whether you want to be the life of the party or just want to be noticed, we have the perfect diy shy guy costume guide just for you.

Men’s Purple Fleece Joggers: 

 1. Wear the joggers on, starting with the waist and hips area. Ensure the pants fit snugly but not too tight. 

 2. Put your right foot in first and then your left foot in. Pull the Halloween joggers up until they are fitted to the knee area. 

 3. Pull the shy guy’s joggers up further until they are fitted to your waist and hips. 

 4. Zip up the joggers and secure the waistband with the drawstring. 

Gildan Hoodies Dryblend: 

 1. Put the cosplay hoodie on, starting with the arms.

 2. Put your right arm in first and then your left arm in. Pull the Mario hoodie up until it is fitted to your chest area. 

 3. Pull the hoodie up further until it is fitted to your neck area. 

 4. Zip up the mario hoodie and secure the waistband.

Shy Guy Mask Halloween: 

 1. Wear the Halloween mask on your face, ensuring it covers your nose and mouth correctly. 

 2. When the mask is in place, use the elastic bands at the sides to hold it securely. 

 3. Adjust the fit of the Halloween costume mask by tightening the elastic bands as required. 

Purple Sneakers Men’s: 

 1. Put your foot in the shoes, starting with the toes.

 2. Slip your foot in and pull the Super Mario Bros purple shoe up until it is fitted to the ankle area. 

 3. Pull the laces tight and tie them securely with a bow or loop. 

Tonywell Belt: 

 1. Take the cosplay black belt and loop the end of the belt through the buckle.

 2. Wrap the Super Mario belt around your waist and make sure that it is centered.

 3. Loop once again through the buckle and then pull the shy guy’s belt tight. 

 4. Adjust the belt and make sure that it is fitted snugly.

Ergonomic Leather Gloves: 

 1. Put the shy guy’s gloves on, starting with the wrists. Ensure the costume gloves fit snugly but not too tight. 

 2. Put your right hand into the glove first and then your left hand. 

 3. Pull the shy guy’s cosplay gloves up until the fingers are fitted securely.  

 4. Secure the Mario costume gloves with the wrist strap as desired.

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About Shy Guy

The Shy Guy is a character who has become a memorable part of the Mario series. He first appearance in the classic Super Mario Bros. 2 game and has featured in many spin-off titles since then.

The Shy Guys appearance is generally one of a humanoid with a masked face, and usually wearing a patterns coat, pants and a hat. His color scheme varies depending on the game he appears in mario, but his trademark is the heart-shaped masks central to his identity.

Shy Guy’s personality is the opposite of most characters in the Marioverse. He is timid, shy, and retiring, preferring to stay away from the action and observe from a safe distance. He often hides when confronted with hazards, which can create a great challenge for players.

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