Create a Unique and Stylish Look with the Puma Costume

Puma Costume
Puma Costume
Puma Costume

Items You’ll Need:

  1. purple eye maskSee on Amazon
  2. Purple Wavy Long HairSee on Amazon
  3. Face Paint PurpleSee on Amazon
  4. Purple Body SuitSee on Amazon
  5. Wrestling Cut SingletSee on Amazon
  6. Fake Frosted FabricSee on Amazon
  7. Gray WristbandsSee on Amazon
  8. High Top White ShoesSee on Amazon

Showcase Your Personality with the Iconic Puma Costume

The Puma Costume from the Cartoon Network animated show Steven Universe has become a fan favorite for cosplayers and fashionistas alike. It is a unique and stylish costume worn by the character Connie Maheswaran, and it has become an iconic symbol of Steven Universe’s style. Whether you are a show fan or simply looking for a unique Halloween costume, the Puma costume will make a statement.

All the Pieces to Create the Perfect Puma Costume

By following these steps, you can create a Puma costume. You can transform yourself into the fearsome and captivating Puma character with the right materials and accessories.

Purple Eyemask:

Put the purple eye mask over your eyes and secure it around your head. The eye mask contributes to the mystique and allure of the Puma character, further enhancing the costume’s overall effect.

Purple Wavy Long Hair: 

Put on the purple wavy long-hair wig, adjusting it to fit securely on your head. Use bobby pins or a wig cap to keep the wig in place if necessary. The long wavy hair adds to the Puma character’s unique and captivating appearance.

Face Paint Purple:

Using a sponge or brush, carefully apply the purple face paint to your face, covering all visible skin. This step helps to create a cohesive and immersive look, tying together the purple elements of the costume.

Purple Body Suit:

Start by slipping into the purple body suit. Make sure it fits snugly and comfortably on your body, with no loose or tight areas that could cause discomfort. Adjust the body suit as needed, ensuring it covers your entire body, from neck to ankles.

Wrestling Low Cut Singlet:

Wear the low-cut wrestling singlet over the purple bodysuit. The singlet should fit snugly but not restrict your movements. Adjust the straps to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, enhancing the Puma costume’s overall appearance.

Fake Fur Frosted Fabric:

Cut the fake fur frosted fabric into suitable strips to create fur accents for your costume. Attach the strips to your shoulders, arms, and legs using fabric glue or safety pins. The fur accents give the Puma costume a more authentic and visually appealing touch.

Gray Wristbands:

Please put on the gray wristbands, securing them snugly around your wrists. These will add an extra element of style and athleticism to your costume.

High Top White Shoes:

Next, put on the high-top white shoes, ensuring they are secure and comfortable for movement. These accessories complete the Puma costume, providing both functionality and style.

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About the Puma

Puma, or Grandma Puma, is a character from the Cartoon Network animated show Steven Universe. She is the grandmother of Steven’s best friend, Connie Maheswaran, and is a strong, independent woman who greatly loves her family and friends. She is a no-nonsense, wise, and loving matriarch who is often seen advising both Steven and Connie. She is an expert gardener and is known for her excellent cooking.

Puma is a kind, understanding, and patient woman who is always willing to listen to her family and friends. She is also a very strong and courageous woman and will do whatever it takes to protect her family and friends. She is a fierce protector of Connie and will go to great lengths to ensure her safety.

Puma is a loyal and devoted friend and will always stand by her family and friends no matter what. She is also a great listener and will always offer sound advice. Puma is a woman of great strength and wisdom and a great example of what it means to be independent and strong.

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