Create a Magical look with Mr. Smee Costume

Mr. Smee Costume

Items You’ll Need:

  1. Smee Red Stocking Cap See on Amazon
  2. Mr. Smee Glasses See on Amazon
  3. White Mutton Chops See on Amazon
  4. Mr. Smee T-shirt See on Amazon
  5. Bulbous Nose Prosthetic See on Amazon
  6. Mr. Smee Chino Shorts See on Amazon
  7. Brown Leather Sandals See on Amazon

Creating a Unique Mr. Smee Costume

Mr. Smee is one of the most beloved characters in the classic novel Peter Pan. He is the chief henchman of Captain Hook and is often seen as a lovable and goofy sidekick. His warm-heartedness and endearing mannerisms make him an iconic pop culture character. For those who want to dress up as Mr. Smee for Halloween or a costume party, there are a few tips to consider when creating the perfect Mr. Smee Costume.

The Essential Steps to Mr. Smee Costume Classic Look

You have followed the steps to dress up in Mr. Smee costume in this guide. You can easily achieve a classic look with the right accessories and clothing.

Smee Red Stocking Cap:

Start by putting on the red stocking cap. Make sure the hat fits snugly and is level on your head. The hat should be pulled down low to frame your face and make you look like Mr. Smee Costume.

Mr. Smee Half Moon Glasses:

Next, put on the half-moon glasses. The glasses are on the bridge of the nose, ensuring the arms of the glasses fit securely behind the ears. Adjust the lenses as necessary for a comfortable fit.

White Mutton Chops:

wear the white mutton chops. The white sideburns should be applied near the sides of the mouth. Ensure the mutton chops extend outward and down but not too far past the jawline.

Mr. Smee T-shirt:

Now, put on the Mr. Smee T-shirt. Make sure the shirt fits comfortably but is tight enough. The blue striped shirt should be tucked into the chino shorts to create a clean and polished look.

Bulbous Nose Prosthetic:

Add the bulbous nose prosthetic and make sure it is secure. The prosthetic should be attached near the center of the nose and positioned so that the shape of the prosthetic is visible from the front.

Mr. Smee Chino Shorts:

Put on the chino shorts. The shorts should fit comfortably but be tight enough. Ensure the shorts are at the right length and sit just above the knee.

Brown Leather Slide Sandals:

Lastly, put on the brown leather slide sandals. The shoes should fit snugly and should be comfortable. Ensure that the sandals are securely fastened and that your feet are properly supported.

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About Mr. Smee

Mr. Smee is a loyal companion of Captain Hook in J.M. Barrie’s classic tale, Disney film Peter Pan. He is an amiable and bumbling man of average intelligence and wit. He is clumsy and easily swayed, often making decisions based on his whims and desires. However, his loyalty to Captain Hook is the most memorable character, and he often acts as a foil to the captain’s criminal ways.

Despite his loyalty, Mr. Smee is not a malicious character and is ultimately not an evil person. He does not take pleasure in the suffering of others, and he is often the one who saves the day for the Lost Boys and Peter Pan. He is also a loyal friend to Peter and is often the one to talk some sense into the daring boy when he is being reckless.

Ultimately, while Mr. Smee is a loyal companion, his bumbling nature often makes him more of a hindrance than any real help. He is flawed, but his heart is in the right place.

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