Embrace the Wild West with the Iconic McCree Costume

McCree Costume

Items You’ll Need:

  1. Tejada Hat See on Amazon
  2. Puff Cigar See on Amazon
  3. Red Shawl Flannel Scarf See on Amazon
  4. Brown Shirt See on Amazon
  5. Latex Hand Gloves See on Amazon
  6. Hand Gloves See on Amazon
  7. Fake Revolver See on Amazon
  8. Breast Plate Armor See on Amazon
  9. Brown Pants See on Amazon
  10. Brown Leather Chaps See on Amazon
  11. Belt and Gun Holster See on Amazon
  12. Boot Spurs See on Amazon
  13. Cowboy Boots See on Amazon

The Finishing Touches to Your McCree Costume

The McCree costume is a timeless representation of the classic cowboy with a futuristic twist. As one of the most beloved characters from “Overmatch,” cosplaying as McCree allows fans to step into the boots of a legendary gunslinger and experience the thrill of adventure and justice. With attention to detail and a dash of cowboy charm, any aspiring cosplayer can take on the role of Jesse McCree and capture the hearts of fellow enthusiasts at conventions and events worldwide. So, saddle up, partner, and let the cosplay adventure begin!

Elements of the McCree Costume: A Costume Guide

Guide to creating your own McCree Costume, inspired by the popular character from Overwatch:

Tejada Hat:

Place the Tejada hat on your head, a defining element of McCree Costume. It should fit well and be comfortable, completing the cowboy silhouette.

Puff Cigar:

Lastly, add the puff cigar for an additional authentic touch. Hold it in your mouth, or twirl it in your fingers as an interactive prop, but remember it’s only for show and should not be lit.

Red Wrap Shawl Flannel Scarf:

Drape the red flannel scarf around your neck or over your shoulders. This pop of color breaks up the earth tones of your outfit, mimicking McCree’s signature look.

Brown Shirt:

Begin by donning your brown shirt. Choose a shirt that’s comfortable and has a relaxed fit to mimic McCree’s casual cowboy style. A shirt with texture or a rustic pattern could enhance the rugged look.

Robotic Latex Hand Gloves:

Wear the robotic latex glove on your left hand, a vital part of McCree’s character design. Ensure the glove fits snugly and doesn’t restrict hand movements.

Fake Revolver:

Now, place the fake revolver in the holster. It should fit snugly and be easily accessible for quick-draw photo poses. Please remember to handle the prop weapon responsibly.

Gold Breast Plate Armor:

Carefully secure the gold breastplate armor on your torso. It should be placed over your brown shirt, providing a contrast of color and a sense of McCree’s tough exterior.

Brown Pants:

Next, pull on your brown pants. The material should be sturdy, like denim or heavy-duty cotton. Ensure the pants fit well and are manageable for maximum mobility and authenticity.

Brown Leather Chaps:

Over your pants, wear brown leather chaps. They will add an extra layer of texture and color to your costume, enhancing the cowboy vibe. Make sure they fit well over your pants and boots.

Belt and Gun Holster:

Fasten your belt around your waist, ensuring the gun holster is securely attached and hangs at your side. The belt should be sturdy enough to support the holster’s weight and the fake revolver.

Boot Spurs

Boot spurs have been a traditional part of cowboy attire for centuries and are still used by some equestrians today.

Boot Spurs and Cowboy Boots:

The time has come to put on your cowboy boots. These boots should ideally be brown to match the rest of your outfit. Attach the boot spurs to the heels of your boots for an extra touch of Western flair.

Remember to walk with a swagger and embody the McCree character to make your costume more authentic. Now, you’re ready to step into any event in your McCree costume confidently. Enjoy!

About the McCree

Jesse McCree, known simply as McCree, is a popular character from Blizzard Entertainment’s first-person shooter video game, “Overwatch”. Introduced as a playable hero, McCree is a classic American cowboy figure infused with a futuristic twist characteristic of the game’s lore.

Born in the United States, McCree was originally a member of the notorious Deadlock Gang, which trafficked weapons and illicit goods throughout the American Southwest. However, following a sting operation by Overwatch, McCree was given a choice by Gabriel Reyes (one of the Overwatch founders): join Overwatch or languish in prison. McCree opted for the former and became a part of Overwatch’s covert ops division, Blackwatch.

In terms of abilities, McCree is a Damage category hero known for his pinpoint accuracy. His primary weapon is his Peacekeeper, a six-shot revolver he handles with deadly precision. His other abilities include a combat roll (for evading attacks and reloading his weapon), a flashbang grenade (to stun enemies), and his ultimate ability, “Deadeye,” which allows him to line up powerful shots against multiple opponents.

Jesse McCree was once a notorious outlaw and gunslinger, known for his deadly accuracy and quick draw. After some time as a criminal, he was given a chance at redemption when he was offered a position in the international task force known as Overwatch, led by the charismatic soldier, Jack Morrison Grillmaster 76. Under Overwatch, McCree utilized his skills for a greater cause, fighting to bring peace to a war-torn world.

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