Ken and Barbie Costumes: More Than Just Plastic Perfection

Ken and Barbie Costume

Items You’ll Need:

  1. Barbie Women’s Fancy Dress See on Amazon
  2. Light Blue Chino Short See on Amazon
  3. Gold Jean Belt See on Amazon
  4. Navy Blue Penny Loafer See on Amazon
  5. Baby Blue Color Cravat See on Amazon
  6. Aloha Shirt for Guys See on Amazon
  7. Fuchsia Platform Pumps See on Amazon
  8. Pink Elastic Belt See on Amazon
  9. Pink Scrunchies See on Amazon
  10. Blonde Wig With Bangs See on Amazon
  11. Rainbow Thigh See on Amazon

Ken and Barbie costume

When it comes to iconic couples in pop culture, few can compete with the enduring legacy of Barbie and Ken. Originating from children’s toys, these figures symbolize idealized relationships, fashion, and lifestyle aspirations for multiple generations. But did you know that the Ken and Barbie persona extends far beyond the toy aisle? Enter the Ken and Barbie costume world—a way for fans, couples, and fashion enthusiasts to immerse themselves in this picture-perfect fantasy.

DIY Ken and Barbie Costume Dressing Guide

The Ken and Barbie Costume is perfect for couples to dress up as their favorite childhood dolls.

Barbie Women’s Fancy Dress

Begin your transformation into Barbie by donning a woman’s fancy dress. Make sure it fits well and captures the essence of Barbie’s timeless style. This will serve as the core of your Ken and Barbie costume look.

Light Blue Chino Short

Kickstart your Ken transformation by putting on light blue chino shorts. These offer a casual yet stylish base that is quintessentially Ken.

Gold Jean Belt

To add some flair to your pants, use a gold jean belt. It will not only hold your pants in place but also add an element of glamour to the overall look.

Blue Penny Loafer

Slide your feet into a pair of navy blue penny loafers. These shoes are a classic choice that complements the chino shorts and Aloha shirt perfectly.

Baby Blue Color Cravat

Fasten a gold jean belt around your waist to add a touch of sophistication. Then, accessorize with a baby blue cravat, giving your Halloween a flair that only Ken can pull off.

Aloha Shirt for Guys

Do an Aloha shirt to give your look a fun twist. This adds a layer of personality to your costume and echoes Ken’s own ever-changing wardrobe.

Fuchsia Platform Pumps

Once the dress is on, step into a pair of eye-catching fuchsia platform pumps. These not only elevate your height but also bring that classic Barbie flair to your ensemble.

Pink Elastic Belt

Accentuate your waist by putting on a pink elastic belt, and keep your hair in place with pink scrunchies. These elements provide pops of color and contribute to a cohesive look.

Pink Scrunches

Accessorize your hair with pink scrunchies, either by tying your hair into a ponytail or using them to hold back sections of your hair. This adds an extra layer of ’80s or ’90s nostalgia to the look.

Blonde Wig With Bangs

No Barbie look is complete without her signature blonde hair. Put on a blonde wig with bangs to truly become the iconic doll.

Rainbow Thigh

If you’re feeling adventurous or are aiming for a specific version of Ken, consider adding rainbow thigh-high socks or accessories to make your costume even more memorable.

About Barbie And Ken

Barbie was born to parents George and Margaret Roberts in the fictional town of Willows, Wisconsin.

As a person, Barbie is confident and kindhearted, with a piqued interest in romance, where she dreams of being loved just as ardently as she loves. 

Barbie is a fashion icon and has been made into an enormous franchise by Mattel. Barbie loves wearing fashionable clothes and accessories and owns many cars, jeeps, and convertibles!

Ken Carson is a fashion doll created by Elliot Handler in 1961 and named after his son.

Ken is the fictional boyfriend of Barbie. Ken is Barbie’s love interest and resides in Malibu, California.

He’s highly fashionable, just like Barbie, as seen in his appearance in the Disney Pixar Toy Story series. The two have an on/off relationship with each other.

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