Create Your Own Authentic Ratcatcher 2 Costume


Items You’ll Need:

  1. Ratcatcher Leather Trench CoatSee on Amazon
  2. Steampunk Gas MaskSee on Amazon
  3. Hip Belt PouchSee on Amazon
  4. black leather jeansSee on Amazon
  5. Fingerless Leather Driving GlovesSee on Amazon
  6. Gardening Belt Holster See on Amazon
  7. Ratcatcher 2 Shoes See on Amazon

Dress to Impress: The Ultimate Ratcatcher 2 Cosplay Guide

The Ratcatcher 2 Costume is a unique and memorable outfit worn by the fictional character, Harley Quinn, in the movie Suicide Squad. It reflects her eccentric and mischievous nature and serves as a great representation of her character. Become the ultimate mischievous rodent with this DC comic-inspired outfit, perfect for Halloween or any other costume party.

Key Elements of the Ratcatcher 2 Costume

The Ratcatcher 2 Costume is meant to inspire fear in those who encounter the character and to make them think twice before crossing him. In this guide, we have provided an overview of the Ratcatcher 2 Costume and its features, as well as some tips for putting together the Ratcatcher 2 costume for cosplay or Halloween.

Black Hooded Leather Trench Coat: 

Start with the Black Hooded Leather Trench Coat. This is the foundation of the look and should be made of quality leather. It should be long enough to cover the body from the shoulders down.

Black Skinny Jeans: 

Put on the Black Skinny Jeans. The slim fit of the jeans will complement the trench coat and add a touch of sophistication to the Ratcatcher 2 costume. These should be form-fitting and made of a sturdy, quality material. Make sure that it will refrain from bunching or becoming saggy.

Steampunk Gas Mask: 

Complete your Ratcatcher 2 costume with a steampunk gas mask. This mask will add a touch of mystery and intrigue to the costume and make you stand out from the crowd. This should be a full-face mask with goggles that cover the eyes. It should be made of quality materials and fit snugly on the face.

Ratcatcher 2 Shoes: 

Add the Ratcatcher 2 Shoes. These shoes are designed to be the perfect combination of style, comfort, and durability and will make your costume look more realistic. These shoes have a good grip for running and climbing.

Fingerless Leather Driving Gloves:

Put on the Fingerless Leather Driving Gloves. These are the signature pieces of the Ratcatcher 2 look and should be made of quality leather. They should fit snugly on the hands.

Hip Belt Pouch: 

Accessorize with a Hip Belt Pouch for added style and convenience. This should be made of quality material and have plenty of pockets to store items. It should be the right size to fit around the waist and should be comfortable to wear.

Gardening Belt Holster: 

Finally, add the gardening belt holster to your costume. This holster should be securely fastened around your waist and have enough room to carry all your tools and weapons.

With these steps, you now have the perfect Ratcatcher 2 costume! All you need to do is put it on, and you’re ready to take on the role of the Ratcatcher!

About the Ratcatcher 2

Cleo Cazo, better known as Ratcatcher 2, is the daughter of the original Ratcatcher. Raised in a world of crime, Cleo Cazo was born with a knack for trouble. From a young age, she had a natural aptitude for developing schemes and being a business head. She soon earned the nickname Ratcatcher 2, as her father, the original Ratcatcher, was a notorious criminal.

Cleo was fiercely loyal to her father and followed in his footsteps but with a more modern, technological twist. She rose quickly in the criminal underworld and developed a reputation as a master hacker and a cunning thief. Her technical skills allowed her to break into the most secure systems and steal information, data and money.

Cleo was also known for her style and flair. She was a force to be reckoned with and became a major player in the criminal underworld. Cleo was a master manipulator, a master thief, and a master of disguise. She could blend in anywhere and use her skills to get what she wanted.

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