Joyce Byers Costume

Joyce Byers Costume

Items You’ll Need:

  1. Army Fatigue ShirtSee on Amazon
  2. Vintage Striped ShirtSee on Amazon
  3. Carhartt Fit Tapered JeanSee on Amazon
  4. Brown Mid-length WigSee on Amazon
  5. 50-Count String LightSee on Amazon
  6. Fake Cigarettes See on Amazon
  7. Plastic AxeSee on Amazon

Joyce Byers Costume

Joyce Byers costume from the popular TV show “Stranger Things” can be a fun and creative project. Joyce is known for her distressed, somewhat messy look, which makes this a relatively easy costume to put together with items you might already have or can easily find. Here’s a simple guide to help you create your own Joyce Byers costume. Now, you can dress up in Joyce Byers costume with her iconic Halloween.

Joyce Byers costume is sure to make you the talk of the party. With its timeless style and classic look, you can easily make this costume work for any occasion. So grab your dress, and get ready to join the Upside Down with your own Joyce Byers cosplay.

How to Make Joyce Byers Costume?

In this guide, you will learn how to make an easy and affordable Joyce Byers costume. With just a few items, you can easily recreate this iconic costume!

Army Fatigue Shirt:

Add a green fatigue shirt. Joyce wears a vintage-style green fatigue shirt over the collared shirt. Choose a fatigued shirt with a slightly oversized fit and a slightly faded green color for a vintage-inspired look.

Vintage Guess Striped Shirt:

Layer a vintage Guess striped shirt over the army fatigue shirt. This will look like the extra vintage style that Joyce Byers was known for.

Carhartt Relaxed Fit Tapered Leg Jean:

Add a pair of plain blue jeans. Joyce wears a pair of relaxed-fit, tapered-leg jeans. Choose a pair of jeans in a light blue wash for a subtle, lived-in look.

Brown Mid-length Wave Wig:

 Put on a brown mid-length wave wig. Joyce has a long brown wig with natural-looking waves. Choose a synthetic wig in a medium brown shade and style it with a curling iron to create natural-looking waves.

50-Count Multicolor String Lights:

Accessorize with 50-count multicolor string lights. Joyce has a set of multicolored string lights draped around her neck.

Fake Cigarettes for Quitting:

Add a pair of fake cigarettes for quitting. Joyce has a pair of fake cigarettes in her hand. Choose a pair of fake cigarettes that look like the real thing but without nicotine or toxins.

Plastic Axe:

Finally, add a plastic axe. Joyce carries a plastic axe in her hand as a part of her costume. Choose a plastic axe prop that looks as realistic as possible.

By following these steps, you can easily create a Joyce Byers costume that captures the signature style of the character from the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. With the Vintage Guess Striped Shirt, jeans, fatigue shirt, wig, string lights, shoes, fake cigarettes, and plastic axe, you will have all the necessary components to recreate this iconic look.

About Joyce Byers

Joyce Byers is a single mother and the protagonist of the Netflix series “Stranger Things”. She is a devoted, fiercely protective, and caring mother who is fiercely protective of her sons. She is a hardworking woman, unafraid to take risks to protect her son, and willing to go above and beyond to ensure their safety and well-being.

Joyce is a brave and determined character who refuses to accept defeat. She is willing to put her own life on the line to save her son and will do whatever it takes to find them and bring them home. She is a powerful force in the series stranger things, using her strength and determination to overcome any obstacle she faces.

Joyce is also a complex character in the Netflix tv series stranger things nancy wheeler. She is a strong-willed woman who is capable of facing her fears and dealing with difficult situations. She is also a loving and caring mother, willing to put her own needs aside to provide for her son.

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