Create an Iconic Look with the Joe Exotic Costume

Joe Exotic Costume

Items You’ll Need:

  1. Joe Exotic Shirt See on Amazon
  2. Joe Exotic Pants See on Amazon
  3. EyeRing See on Amazon
  4. Joe Exotic Jacket See on Amazon
  5. Tiger Plush See on Amazon
  6. Joe Exotic Hat See on Amazon
  7. Wig and Mustache See on Amazon
  8. Gold Watch See on Amazon
  9. Joe Brown Boots See on Amazon

Bring the Tiger King to Life with Joe Exotic Costume

The Joe Exotic costume is a great option for those who want to stand out. The costume is based on the real-life character Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, better known as Joe Exotic, from the hit Netflix documentary series Tiger King. The eccentric zookeeper, exotic animal breeder, and former presidential candidate is a memorable character, and his outlandish style has made him an iconic figure in pop culture. So don’t be afraid to get wild and embrace your inner Joe Exotic in this Halloween costume.

A Complete Guide to Making the Perfect Joe Exotic Costume?

This Joe Exotic Costume guide has gone through the steps to create the perfect Joe Exotic cosplay. You can bring the wild and outrageous character to life with the right dress and accessories!

Joe Exotic Shirt:

Start with the shirt. Put on the Joe Exotic shirt. It should be a bright, vibrant color, such as neon yellow or lime green. Make sure to tuck it in and pull it up to the collar.

Joe Exotic Pants:

Put on the pants. Joe Exotic pants are typically light in color, such as light blue. They should be slim and form-fitting, so make sure to get the right size.

Joe Exotic Eye Ring:

Accessorize with the eye ring. This is an important part of the Joe Exotic look. The ring should be gold and feature a large, sparkly gem in the middle. Make sure it stands out from the rest of the outfit.

Joe Exotic Jacket:

Add the jacket. The jacket should be lightweight, such as leather or suede. It should be a vibrant color, such as orange, and feature plenty of pockets.

Tiger Plush:

Accessorize with the tiger plush. This is the finishing touch to the Joe Exotic costume. The plush should be bright and colorful and feature the signature stripes of a tiger king.

Joe Exotic Hat:

Put on the hat. The hat should be cowboy-style, such as a Stetson or a Resistol. It should be a neutral color, such as brown, and feature a band around the brim.

Joe Exotic Wig and Mustache:

wear the wig and mustache. Joe Exotic is known for his signature blonde hair, so get a blonde wig and a matching mustache. Ensure the wig is styled to look wild and the mustache is trimmed to the correct length.

Joe Gold Watch:

Accessorize with the Joe Rodeo gold watch. This watch should be large and flashy, with a gold band and many diamonds. It should be the perfect finishing touch to Halloween.

Joe Brown Boots:

Put on brown boots. The boots should be dark brown, such as chestnut or chocolate. They should be knee-high and feature a pointed toe. Make sure to keep the laces tight, so the boots stay firmly in place.

You’ll need to find the right dress shirt and pants. Accessorize with an eye ring, a jacket, and a tiger plush. Finish off the look with a cowboy-style hat, a blonde wig, and mustache, a Joe gold watch, and brown boots. With these pieces, you’ll be ready to show off your Joe Exotic costume.

About the Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic is the main character of the Netflix documentary Tiger King. He is an eccentric zookeeper who ran an exotic animal park in Oklahoma. Joe was born Joseph Allen Schreibvogel and was raised in Wyoming in a very conservative, religious family. He is a self-proclaimed “gay, gun-carrying Rednech” known for his outrageous and eccentric behavior.

Joe is a highly opinionated and outspoken individual who speaks his mind. He is a passionate defender of the animals in his zoo and can be seen in the series trying to fight against animal cruelty. He loves showing off his collection of exotic animals steady hand, and big cats rescue he is often seen posing with them for photographs.

Joe is also a controversial figure. He has been accused of animal abuse and involved in multiple legal battles. Despite this, he remains incredibly popular and has become a cult figure for his outrageous behavior and larger-than-life personality.

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