Step Into the Spotlight with Magical Grady Twins Costume

The Grady Twins
The Grady Twins

Items You’ll Need:

  1. White StockingSee on Amazon
  2. Hair ClipsSee on Amazon
  3. Black Mary Janes ShoesSee on Amazon
  4. Light Blue Sunday DressSee on Amazon
  5. Fake Blood PowderSee on Amazon

DIY Shining Twins Costume

The Grady Twins costume is one of the most iconic and recognizable costumes from an ionic horror movie ever made, “The Shining.” This spooky outfit features an all-white dress with complementary blue jeans. This is the perfect costume if you’re looking for a genuinely haunting Halloween look!

You can become one of the Shining’s iconic twins with this pretty blue dress, complete with a pink bow around the middle, lace detailing, and puffed sleeves. Make sure to check out our guide on Wendy Torrance Costume for more ideas from the series.

The Grady Twins Costume Dressing Guide

This guide will help you achieve the iconic Grady twins costume look of these creepy twins and make sure your costume stands out from all the rest. I’ll provide all the information you need to create the perfect Grady Twins look. With the right accessories and imagination, you’ll be ready to scare everyone this Halloween!

Let’s get started on crafting your own Grady Twins costume today.

Light Blue Sunday Dress

Begin by choosing a Light Blue Sunday Dress. Stepped into a light blue Sunday dress, feeling like an angel, twirled around the party. This dress should be ankle-length and have some frills to add an extra touch of the iconic style.

White Stocking

Put on a pair of Grady Twin white stockings to create a classic look that is long enough to cover your legs. Opt for thigh-high or ankle-length stockings, make sure to pick up a pair. These will go perfectly with the outfit you’re making.

Hair Clips

Next, add some Hair Clips, to keep the hairs out of your face. carefully place the black hair clips in your hair. Place decorative hair clips that match the color palette of your outfit and clip them into your hair for a cute touch!

Black Mary Janes Shoes

Then, slip into your Grady Twin Black Mary Janes shoes. Make sure they fit comfortably so you can quickly move around all day.

Fake Blood Powder

Give the final touch with a splash of Grady Twin Fake Blood. Mix fake blood powder in water, stir it, and make fake blood. Add just a few drops to your lips or around your eyes for an edgy, gothic touch that will make your outfit stand out even more!

And there you have Grady Twins costume—you’re dressed and ready to go!

About Grady Twins

The Grady Twins, also known as the “ghostly twins” or “the girls in the blue dresses,” are two of the most iconic characters from Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 classic horror film, “The Shining.” Based on the novel by Stephen King, the film follows the story of the Torrance family as they move into the isolated Overlook Hotel for the winter season. The Grady Twins are portrayed by real-life twins Lisa and Louise Burns.

These mysterious characters are the daughters of Delbert Grady, the hotel’s former caretaker who, in a fit of madness, murdered his wife and two daughters before taking his own life. The Grady Twins are spirits haunting the hotel, and they appear to the Torrance family’s young son, Danny, who possesses psychic abilities known as “the shining.”

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