Dorothy Dance Costume


Items You’ll Need:

  1. Dorothy Gingham DressSee on Amazon
  2. Dorothy Red ShoesSee on Amazon
  3. Santa’s Sweetie PetSee on Amazon
  4. Dorothy Blue BowsSee on Amazon
  5. Blue SocksSee on Amazon

Dorothy Costume Dance

Dorothy Dance Costume is perfect for any dance recital or performance. Dorothy Dance Costumes are designed to be comfortable and to move with you as you dance, making them ideal for any dancer. 

With a Dorothy Dance Costume, you can bring the magic of the Wizard of Oz to life and impress any audience. Whether you are looking for something classic or something more modern, Dorothy Dance Costume have you covered.

The Dorothy Costume Dance is a great way to get together with friends and family and celebrate the classic movie that we all know and love. It’s an event that will be remembered for a long time and one that all participants are sure to enjoy. 

Dorothy Dance Costume Dressing Guide 

When dressing for a Dorothy Dance costume, it is important to remember the classic look that the character is known for. With the items, you can easily transform yourself into the beloved Dorothy and be ready to dance the night away. This guide will provide you with -instructions on how to dress like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for a dance performance.

1. Dorothy Gingham Dress:

 1: Put your arms through the armholes of the dress.

 2: Zip up the dress from the back.

 3: Adjust the neckline and waistline of the dress for a comfortable fit.

 4: Secure the waist with a belt or sash for a more polished look.

2. Dorothy Blue Bows:

 1: Attach the blue bow to the back of the dress, near the neckline.

 2: Use a hair clip or bobby pin to secure the bow in place.

 3: Adjust the position of the bow to your preference.

3. Blue Socks Dorothy:

 1: Put on the socks and make sure they fit comfortably over your feet.

 2: Pull the socks up to your ankles.

 3: Tie the laces around your ankles for a secure fit.

4. Dorothy Red Glitter Shoes:

 1: Slide your feet into the shoes and make sure they fit snugly.

 2: Tie the laces of the shoes in a bow.

 3: Adjust the fit of the shoes for maximum comfort.

5. Dorothy Santa’s Sweetie Pet:

 1. Place the pet on a comfortable surface. 

 2. Put a festive collar around the pet’s neck. 

 3. Add a festive bow to the pet’s collar. 

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About Dorothy 

Dorothy is a classic character from the 1939 movies The Wizard of Oz. She is an iconic figure who has become part of American culture. She is a symbol of courage and hope in the face of adversity. Dorothy is a young girl from Kansas who has been whisked away to a magical land. She embarks on an incredible journey and meets many friends along the way.

Dorothy is determined to find her way home to Kansas while at the same time trying to help her friends. She is courageous and kind-hearted, never giving up despite the obstacles she faces. At her journey’s end, Dorothy discovers that the power to get home all along was inside of her. She also learns that there is no place like home. The message of Dorothy’s journey is one of hope and resilience. Dorothy is a beloved character who has been embraced across generations. Her story has endured and continues to inspire audiences. She is a timeless figure who will always be remembered and cherished.